Dos Meses!

Hello friends and family! As of a week ago, I have officially been here for two months and I genuinely love it. So much to the point where I don’t really want to come home. My family, friends, and my dog are the only reasons for me wanting to come home. If I could simply just move my entire family to Bolivia, I would. The way of life, the people, and the nature here are seriously amazing. This is the type of place that I see myself settling down in much later in the future (God willing).

A lot of you know already, but I have a new niece! She’s one of the biggest reasons for me wanting to come home and I cannot wait to meet the little dumpling. I now have 6 nephews and 2 nieces, and my heart is so full! Also, my closest friend Gabby had a baby about a month ago and she made me the God Mother. New life is always a blessing and I’m beyond excited to have two new babies waiting for me when I get home.

A little bit has changed in the past week. 2 members of my host family tested positive for Covid, so right now I am staying with my boss’s family. I am so thankful the Lord placed them in my life. They are so genuine and caring, and it’s evident that Christ is the center of their lives. They’ve introduced me to a bunch of new foods this week including Anticucho (cow heart), Charque (beef that is dried in the sun and salted), and Lengua de vaca (cow tongue). I’ve introduced them to peanut butter and that’s about it. They also have 3 kids who I’ve really enjoyed getting to know on a personal level. We watch a movie almost every night and always eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together which I love. Alfredo and his wife Massiel have taken care of me as if I am part of their family, and I can’t put into words how grateful I am to them. Their family is so beautiful and full of love, and so refreshing to be around.

During the last few weeks, I have been seeing more and more how beautiful The Lord is through nature and people. His fingerprints are everywhere, and it is so apparent if we choose to open our eyes to see them. His love and grace are present in everything; in the way the flowers bloom, to people holding hands in the park, seeing two butterflies chase each other, the smell of fresh air after it rains, hearing my Bolivian friends and family laugh with each other, and everything else in between. Lately, I have been feeling a little useless because I haven’t been helping in the center and another family has been taken care of me. I really don’t like feeling this way because I came here to serve others, and it’s tough to feel like I am not doing anything productive. However, I have been praying so much for Him to open my eyes and heart for opportunities to serve others, even in the smallest of ways. I also pray that He eliminates my ego, pride, and doubt so that He may use me in anyway He pleases. I never really knew how strong my ego was until I came to this unknown place alone and was put in the most uncomfortable position I have ever been in. It affected how I interacted with people, with myself and even with God. There is no place for ego when serving and loving the Lord and others. I am learning what it means to be patient and truly surrender to His will.

In the center, I started sort of an experiment with two children who have severe levels cerebral palsy and are critically underweight and malnourished. I spoke with my previous boss at the pediatric healthcare center I use to work at in Houston, and they recommended that Pediasure is the best way for these children to receive the proper nutrient that they need. For the families here, Pediasure is very expensive (104 Bolivianos = $15 US dollars) and cannot afford it, so I have offered to buy it for them. But I could honestly use a little help. If anyone is interested in donating to help me continue to purchase Pediasure for these kids, it would be very much appreciated! You can email me at or text me at 832-330-4224!

I do have a prayer request if ya’ll don’t mind sending a quick one up to the Lord. If ya’ll could please pray for my family members here who have Covid. Although they are asymptomatic, please pray that it stays that way. We have Abuelito (the grandpa) who is about 90 years old who lives with us, but right now he is staying elsewhere until it is safe to go back home. Please be praying for his health as well.

Thank you guys for reading along 🙂

With much love,


My new niece, Olive 🙂
My other family

One thought on “Dos Meses!

  1. Praying for you and your family there – that all of you will have good health in coming days. Praying especially for the grandfather. Gonna get the word out about PediaSure!! God is awesome – pretty cool that He’s showing that to you … and in you!! You are loved and prayed for 💗🙏🏽


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